The company commended advanced flood control individuals and donated money to flood disaster areas


  Since the beginning of May this year,Wuhan and Ezhou and other regions have suffered continuous heavy rainfall,and the company's production plant is facing a very severe flood control situation.During the flood control period,the company's employees fulfill their duties,are not afraid of hardships and hardships,have the courage to face difficulties,take the initiative to find solutions,and have made outstanding contributions to ensure the stability of the company's production safety situation.

  In the early morning of July 2,the torrential rain arrived.Chen Feng,Minister of Equipment,Liu Yuan,Minister of EHS,and Liu Zhilin,Minister of Construction,arrived at the scene in time,immediately organized an inspection of the water situation in the plant,quickly drew up countermeasures,and concentrated resources to properly dispose of the water problem in the plant,minimizing the impact of heavy rainfall on the structures of the pharmaceutical industry.In particular,it ensures the safe operation of important structures such as boiler steam pipe network,hazardous chemical warehouse,power distribution room and hazardous waste warehouse.

  In the early morning of July 6,the rainstorm hit again,the city traffic was almost paralyzed,and the flood control situation in the factory was more severe.But the rainstorm is the order,EHS Minister Liu Yuan,equipment minister Chen Feng regardless of the risk of private vehicles flooded to the pharmaceutical industry in time,quickly organize the implementation of flood prevention emergency means,once again to minimize the impact of heavy rainfall on the pharmaceutical factory.Due to too much rain,there was water accumulation in the dormitory area.Dong Jian,deputy director of the second workshop,organized to cut off the dormitory power supply in time,dredged the blocked drainage outlet to discharge the water,and prevented the possible electrical accidents.At the same time,the underground pump room of the pharmaceutical engineering building was flooded by the outside world,and the night staff of the engineering building immediately took measures to pump after finding the situation,but because the rain is too big,the water depth soon reached 1.2 meters,after receiving the flood situation,the early shift staff went to the post one hour in advance to continue the rescue work.In order to prevent the water level from continuing to rise,all employees of the engineering building filled sandbags outdoors in the rain,and placed the sandbags at the water inlet to plug the leak and pump at the same time.After more than two hours of continuous fighting,the water was finally drained.

  In order to encourage advanced,set up a typical,promote the construction of corporate culture,the company decided to Qirui Pharmaceutical equipment Minister Chen Feng,EHS Minister Liu Yuan,Construction Ministry Liu Zhilin,Note 2 workshop deputy director Dong Jian,Zhongyou Pharmaceutical equipment Department staff Xiao Neng,Huang Changjin,Ye Qiping,Liao Yong public commendation!

  At the same time,in order to support flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction in the flood-stricken areas,the company donated 300,000 yuan to the disaster areas through the Hubei Charity Federation,and actively contributed to the community!