There are pharmaceutical "Winter solstice battle" dumpling activities


  On December 21,2016,during the Winter Solstice solar term,ZY  Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.organized all employees to carry out a fun dumpling making activity with the theme of"Winter Solstice Battle".The event kicked off at 9 am in the cafeteria.Each department was divided into six groups and sent representatives to participate in the competition.

  The event was"Making dumplings:Fight for speed,fight for quality,fight for teamwork!"Eat dumplings:relay,fight appetite,luck to share!"For the campaign slogan.

  The activity is divided into two parts:dumpling making competition and relay dumpling eating competition,and integrates the elements of physical exercise.All of them prepared exquisite gifts for the top three in the two sections,and selected the popularity award,health award and lucky award after the competition,and the whole activity filled with harmonious and happy atmosphere.

 Event site layout                    Great event prizes
  1 Fully armed and ready 2 Race against the clock to make dumplings
1 "Count how much we pack" 2 QA strictly controls the quality and quantity of dumplings
1 The first part of the winning group photo 2 The winning team won a rich prize
  Through this activity, the colleagues participating in and watching the game not only experienced the fun of teamwork, but also shared the fruits of their labor, so that everyone can enjoy. The setting of the competition link also reflects the corporate value concept of "quality" and "health" everywhere, so that the corporate culture is more deeply rooted in people's hearts.