Innovative R&D

Method development and testing platform

1、Method development and detection platform were introduced

  Method development and testing platform has a total of 18 liquid chromatography analyzers of Agilent,Shimadzu,Thermo and other brands,including a column screening system,a HPLC system equipped with UV and ELSD at the same time,3 gas chromatometers equipped with headspace sampling system and 1 LCMS.In addition,according to the needs of the project,it is equipped with hundreds of different types of chromatographic columns from Agilent,Shimadzu,Philomen,Yuexu,Darcelue and many other brands.At the same time,ACDlab chromatographic simulation software is introduced,so that the platform can solve many analytical problems in the project.

  Method development and testing platform provide experimental support for many projects according to the testing requirements of the above equipment,including the research center,process technology center,production and other systems.Daily HPLC,GC and physicochemical detection include related substances,isomers,content,moisture,color difference,chloride,infrared ultraviolet,etc.It provides a lot of experimental data for process development and cost reduction,and also provides key information for project application.



  At present, the method development and testing platform has three testing groups, with a total number of 15 people, of which 70% are master's degree or above, which is a young team. The platform is gradually developing into a professional field under the guidance of senior director, and is expected to show more powerful technical support both internally and externally in the future.

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