Innovative R&D

Innovation direction

Wuhan RS Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd always regards "R & D innovation" as an important driving force for enterprise development and enterprise competitiveness, adheres to scientific and technological innovation, and continues to strengthen the research and development system and capacity building.


Wuhan RS Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd is the focus of the group's independent investment and construction of copycat drug research and development, always pay attention to the introduction of R & D talents and echelon construction, the industry's leading R & D capability; In addition, the Group has rich experience in the clinical department of new drugs, registration department, preparation conversion company, so that the research and development and results of Wuhan Rising Pharmaceutical continue to accelerate. It has successively obtained the "Hubei Province Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Pilot Research and Development Base", "Hubei Province Innovative Small and medium-sized Enterprises", "Hubei Province Specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises" and "Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center". And continue to carry out a number of projects with colleges and universities in Hubei Province.



R&D Style