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Wuhan RS Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company focused on the research and production of generic and innovative drugs. The production base of pharmaceutical raw materials meets the requirements of cGMP standard and is located in the national development zone - Hubei Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone, with an area of 172 mu in the first phase and 200 mu in the second phase, totaling 372 mu.



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Detailed description

  Wuhan RS Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd is an innovative pharmaceutical company focusing on the research and production of generic drugs and innovative drugs. Precision Instrument platform is a comprehensive test platform relying on pharmaceutical companies to provide professional test solutions. Early detection focuses on self-research projects and testing services for subsidiaries of the Group, and gradually develops external business in recent years; We also provide integrated pharmaceutical research services to help generic drugs get approved, innovative drugs get IND approval, and reach the next development milestone. In the process of cooperation, if the test data involves on-site verification (from Party A or the drug regulatory agency, etc.), your company needs to inform us before the service project starts, and we will assist Party A in the verification. The precision instrument testing platform meets the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and is developing qualification construction such as ISO and GLP.


Team Introduction:

At present, the company has 5 leading figures such as senior professors with medical and pharmaceutical background, senior medical technicians with pharmaceutical research experience, and more than 200 employees, including 3 doctors, 61 masters, 80 bachelor's degrees, accounting for more than 70% of bachelor's degrees or above.


Production capacity introduction:

Since its establishment in December 2012, it has passed the GMP compliance inspection of 5 products and successfully completed 4 project declarations; Existing commercial products can produce up to 20 tons per month;


Core technology:

Reaction type: format reaction, anhydrous and anaerobic, solid-liquid reaction at normal temperature and pressure (without hydrogenation), liquid-liquid reaction at normal temperature and pressure, extraction, crystallization, concentration, reflux, hydrogenation reaction under 1.5MPa pressure (glass lining) and hydrogenation reaction under 3.0MPa pressure (316L stainless steel).


Service type:

Process development, salt type and crystal type research; OEM of raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials; Analytical method development, quality control, stability research, etc. Global CMC&DMF filing support and proxy filing


Corporate Vision:

Through the development and application of advanced production technology, further build core capabilities, support the market competitiveness of product projects, and obtain commercial value expression; Based on the information and information processing of the whole process of research and development, with big data as the means, gradually realize the transformation from a single research and development institution to an international research enterprise integrating global resources. Using global resources, through intellectual property operations, to provide products and services worldwide.


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  Sales mailbox zyyyzjb@qrpharma.net

  Contact number: Manager Yan15827568039



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