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  High-level talents and excellent team
  Wuhan ZY pharmaceutical has an optimized talent structure and a professional quality management and production team as well as an increasingly growing generic drug R&D team. The generics team includes synthesis, formulation, analysis, fermentation and regulatory affairs, supported by high-level talents from home and abroad composed of 2 PhD, 14 people of master's degree and plenty of bachelor's degree people. We recruit new employees from the first-class universities and colleges every year and carry out comprehensive training courses for them in order to prepare them for different positions. The training teachers are from top enterprises with extensive experiences. In order to increase the team competence, we set up different training courses like pharmaceutical regulation, generic development, and innovative drug development to rich their knowledge and every year, we select excellent staff and send them to the first-class universities of home and abroad for further study, for example, we have several staffs obtained master degree of International Engineering Management from Peking University.
  Perfect combination between production and development system
  Scientific and technological achievements are largely depending on the completeness of the R&D system. Since 2004, we have set up joint–lab with Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and in 2007 opened up another joint-lab with Tongji College of pharmacy of Huazhong Science and Technology University. With the growing R& D strength, we finally build up a complete R&D system from lab research to pilot production and commercial production. We are now engaged in both API and formulations R&D and production, and able to develop different kinds of product fields like chemical API, fermented products, pharmaceutical excipients and injections and other formulation dosages. We have already get China GMP certificate for Fasudil Mesylate and Sofalcone, and successfully converted R&D projects to industry production so as to support the sustainable development of the company.
  Focus on key technology breakthrough and fruitful achievement on FDF projects
  We have completed several innovative API research and development in the field of cardiovascular, digestion, central nervous and anti-tumor according to international standard, we aim to perform pre-clinical experiments for 10 innovative drugs within 5 years, finish 20-24 generic projects and select 6-10 new compounds for future development. We will file 6-7 FDF products with CFDA and 2-3 IND with US FDA, among which, 3-5 products are planned for clinical experiment and another 2-3 products to be launched. Till now, we already have 10 generic drugs in the catalogue, and 4 DMFs files with US FDA, we will finish the R&D, clinical work and submission for other products in the coming year.
  66,666 square meters production base for both API and formulations; full production capacity
  Wuhan ZY Pharmaceutical, as a pharmaceutical ingredients production base, complies with EHS principle, US FDA and EU GMP requirements, has employed plenty of high-talented personnel home and abroad, applying the state-of-art facilities, automatic waste treatment system and environment monitoring system. It is a production base for advanced pharmaceutical ingredients and has successfully exported several products for international markets.
  The formulation production base (phase I) have been GMP certified by CFDA and put in use in 2006. There are API units, oral solid dosage, injection production units and multipurpose production units, and the plant will be certified with US FDA and EU GMP in the coming year. The phase II construction will be completed soon; employing the first-class equipment and facilities; it is also designed and fulfilled with FDA standard.
  Focus on innovative products and top quality standard
  We are a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, we hold the value of “to provide professional service and best quality product for human health”, focus on product of vital demand. Our product series cover cardiovascular, digestion, infectious disease and metabolic diseases. We spare no effort on high technology and top quality product, both innovative CMC product and generic drugs are developed and produced according to ICH guidelines in order to provide best quality product of international standard.

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